How easy to use is this? Is it really free?

It's very easy to use, if you know how to use Windows or Mac you'll know how to operate your own site. Yes, we're giving you a professional website or blog for free, you only have to pay for hosting at the hosting company you choose.

How can you provide a premium wordpress theme for free if it costs money when bought from its provider?

SiteBonus has developer licenses with the wordpress providers we work with, so we can install customized version of their themes to our clients for free or for a price. We choose to give it to you free.

Can I request as many free sites as I want?

Yes, you can have as many free sites as you want, with the condition to signup for a new hosting account for every new site you're requesting.

How can I make money with my free site, after receiving it?

You can make money via Google Adsense or other advertising networks, promoting affiliate products, selling your own products or selling banner space/links/advertising.

How can I add content and update my site?

You can easily add new content, create pages, blog posts, blog categories, add images, videos and many other content types via wordpress' intuitive administration panel. Even if it's the first time you hear about wordpress, you'll quickly learn how to use it.