How it works?

For every site or blog in this world, you need 3 things:

  • a domain name, like or etc. - you can register one at GoDaddy or Namecheap or any other domain registrar for about $10
  • the site or blog itself, with design, programming, extended functionality and an easy to use administration interface - we'll give it to you FREE
  • a web hosting account - unfortunately we cannot give you the hosting for free but we'll recommend you the best hosting companies on the market - they're handpicked by us following intensive testing and they offer professional services at affordable prices (starting at $7.95/month)

How can we give you a professional website or blog for free, together with all the other additions you found on the What you get page? The answer is simple: SiteBonus has business relationships with the hosting companies listed on our site and every time you sign up with them for a hosting account they give us a commission for referring them new clients, which we use to cover the development costs of your site. That's it: instead of choosing every other host out there, just pick one of the ones we recommend and we'll create your site or blog for free!

SiteBonus saves you hundreds and possible thousands of dollars. The design & development of a website or a wordpress blog starts from $700-800 and reaches a few thousands dollars, depending on the client's requests.

Why pay much more for a website, when you can get it FREE from us and only pay for hosting (which you were going to pay anyway)?

Three simple rules to follow

There are a few rules and conditions that come with our offer. They are very simple and common sensed but we need to make sure everyone follows them to avoid unwanted situations. We'll list the most important here, but please read the complete version of our terms and conditions that can be found on this page.

  1. No porn, no warez, no illegal activities of any kind. Do not request a site that will contain such things, we will not create it.
  2. You need to signup with the hosting companies we recommend only through the links we provide, which you will find on our Signup page. You will not qualify for the free site/blog offer if you separately enter the hosting company's address in your browser or arrive to their site in other way than through our links.
    It's simple: click on our links, signup with them, receive your free site!
  3. You are required to keep the hosting account with the company you've selected at signup for at least one year.
    We see no reason to change hosting companies other than the exception that you'll find at the paragraph below. The webhosts we recommend are solid companies, with years of experience in their field, offering professional services while maintaining low prices for the customers. One year of web hosting with the companies we recommend usually costs less than $100.
    There's only one exception to this rule: when you can demonstrate, with real evidences, that the hosting company has in some way prejudiced the good run of your business or site/blog (for example: prolonged downtime, the refuse to answer a support ticket that concerns a critical situation, data loss due to hardware failure etc).

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